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10 Best Email Marketing Software For 2024

Email marketing has been known as one of the most effective ways for businesses to engage with their audience, drive sales and to build relationships with their customers. So, it is very important that you must choose the best email marketing software for your business.

However, with the abundance of Email marketing software available in the market, choosing the right one for your business can be a challenging task.

So, In this post, we will be covering the top 10 best email marketing software that you can start using in 2024 and drive more sales and revenue for your business whether you are a small business or a big enterprise.

best email marketing software

Mailchimp stands out as a very popular name in the world of email marketing. It offers a user-friendly platform suitable for both beginners and experts.

With its amazing interface, customizable templates and advanced analytics. Mailchimp empowers businesses to create and execute effective email campaigns with ease.

Whether you are small business owner or an experienced marketer. It provides the tools you must need to reach your target audience, drive more engagement and achieve your marketing goals.

Why choose Mailchimp?

  • You can send personalized emails that can convert into paying customers.
  • Targeting and segmentation of customers to maximize campaign success.
  • It comes with customized pre-designed layout.
  • You can track campaign performance and track sales with ease.
  • It helps you to deliver the right message at the right time.


Free PlanFor up to 500 Contacts1000 Emails
Essentials PlanStarting from $4/month5000 Emails
Standard PlanStarting from $6/month6000 Emails
Premium PlanStarting from $137/month150,000 Emails

2. Brevo

Brevo emerges as a full package of email marketing solution. It offers a suite of features designed to streamline and optimize your marketing efforts.

From automation workflows to transactional email capabilities and built-in CRM tools. It help businesses with the tools they need to deliver personalized, targeted campaigns at scale.

Brevo provides all the functionality and flexibility to support your goals.

best email marketing software

Why choose Brevo?

  • Due to its ease of use.
  • It offers flexible pricing model.
  • Comes with the customer service in six different languages.
  • E-learning courses which are available on the Brevo Academy.


Free PlanUnlimited Contacts300 Emails
Starter PlanStarting from $25/month20,000 Emails
Business PlanStarting from $65/month20,000 Emails
Brevo Plus Custom PriceTalk to sales

3. Hubspot – Best Email marketing software

best email marketing software

HubSpot email marketing software is part of its all-in-one marketing platform. It is also considered as one of the best email marketing software by Experts. It offers businesses a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline their marketing efforts and drive more sales.

With personalized email marketing, features like A/B testing and detailed analytical data. It helps businesses to create and optimize their email campaigns for maximum impact.

Why choose Hubspot?

  • It is considered as the No.1 Customer Platform for Scaling Businesses.
  • Great Customer service powered by Ai Assistant.
  • More than 190,000+ customers spread across 119 countries are growing their businesses with the help of HubSpot.
  • It also comes with free tools.
  • Great for small teams and big enterprises.


Free PlanFor up to 1000 Contacts
Starter PlanStarting from $18/month
Professional PlanStarting from $800/month

4. ConvertKit

best email marketing software

ConvertKit is a great choice for creators, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs. It offers a suite of features tailored to their unique needs.

With powerful automation capabilities, customizable opt-in forms, and segmentation options. ConvertKit enables businesses to engage their audience and drive conversions effectively.

Whether you are looking to grow your email list, launch a digital product or nurture customer relationships.

Why choose Convertkit?

  • It comes with Unlimited Landing page builder.
  • You can sell your Digital Products and Subscriptions.
  • It comes with Live chat and Email support.
  • A Great platform for creators.
  • Comes with free plan for upto 1000 Contacts.


Free PlanFor up to 300 subscribers
Creator Plan Starting from $9/month
Creator ProStarting from $25/month

5. Active Campaign

Active Campaign offering businesses a wide range of features to optimize their email campaigns.

From marketing automation workflows to landing page builders it provides all the tools you need to create, launch and track your email campaigns with ease.

Why choose Active Campaign?

  • You can nurture your leads by delivering valuable content with newsletters and email autoresponders which are powered with artificial intelligence.
  • It also comes with marketing automation campaigns which are all based on real time data-driven segmentation.
  • Nurture your leads directly from the Facebook ads.
  • It can integrate easily with the other E-commerce platforms.
  • Around 180,000+ customers are growing their businesses with help of ActiveCampaign.
  • There is no free plan available in the case of Active Campaign.


Lite PlanStarting from $29/mo.
Plus PlanStarting from $49/mo.
Professional PlanStarting from $149/mo.
Enterprise PlanStarting from $259/mo.

6. AWeber

best email marketing software

With over 18 plus years of experience, AWeber has established itself as a trusted name as the best email marketing software in the email marketing industry.

It is an email marketing software that helps you send emails to your customers easily. With AWeber, you can create beautiful emails and send them to the right people at the right time.

One reason to choose AWeber is because it’s really easy to use. Even if you’re not a tech expert, you can quickly learn how to use AWeber to send emails to your customers.

Another great thing about AWeber is that it has lots of helpful features. You can track how well your emails are doing, see who is opening them and you can even personalize your emails to make them more engaging.

Why choose AWeber?

  • You can create an eye-catching photos with the help of Canva.
  • Save your money with 1000+ high quality stock images.
  • Now, you can welcome new customers with the pre-built email responder.
  • You can set up your custom domain within the AWeber Platform.
  • You can also send emails which are based on the recent opens, sales and purchases and many more metrices.


Free PlanFor Up to 500 Subscribers
Lite PlanStarting from $12.50/month
Plus Plan for CreatorsStarting from $20/month
Unlimited PlanStarting from $899/month

7. Benchmark

Benchmark email marketing program is a powerful tool designed to help businesses reach their audience effectively. With its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and advanced automation features.

best email marketing software

Benchmark makes it easy to create and send engaging emails. It offers a robust analytics to track your campaign’s performance and optimize future efforts. Plus, with its responsive design and integration capabilities.

Benchmark ensures that your emails look great on any device and can be seamlessly integrated with other marketing platforms.

Why choose Benchmark?

  • The templates and tools which are offered by the Benchmark are very user friendly.
  • It comes with marketing automation.
  • It also cost 16% less than other email marketing software like Mailchimp.
  • It offers an easy process of Onboarding.


Free Plan For up to 500 Contacts3,500 Emails/mo.
Pro Plan Starting from $13/mo.7,500 Emails/mo.
Enterprise PlanTalk to salesCustom

8. Sendlane

best email marketing software

Sendlane is an advanced email marketing platform tailored for businesses who are looking to maximize their marketing efforts. With this, users can gain access to a suite of powerful features including:

  • Email Automation.
  • Audience segmentation.
  • Personalized workflows.

The platform’s intuitive interface and drag-and-drop editor make it easy to create visually appealing emails without any coding knowledge.

Additionally, Sendlane can also offers seamless integrations with popular ecommerce and CRM platforms, which makes it a best solution for the businesses of different audience sizes.

Why choose Sendlane?

  • It comes with robust E-commerce email features.
  • It offers an amazing interface for SMS automation.
  • Experts say their business went up by 38% after they start using Sendlane.
  • The contacts are unlimited in case of Sendlane.


PlanStarting from $500/mo.5,00,000 Emails

9. Klaviyo

best email marketing software

Klaviyo is a comprehensive email marketing software which is designed to help businesses of all sizes engage and convert their audience effectively. You can’t ignore this one, if you are looking for the best email marketing software.

With Klaviyo, the users can create a highly targeted and personalized email campaigns that are based on customer behavior, preferences, and demographics. With its seamless integrations with ecommerce platforms and other marketing tools.

Why choose Klaviyo?

  • It comes with AI-generated subject lines.
  • 90+ customizable templates for better email conversion.
  • You can also segment or personalize emails based on there predicted lifetime value, churn rate and many more attributes.
  • Klaviyo is free for up to 250 contacts.


Free PlanFree for up to 500 Contacts500 monthly emails
Email PlanStarting from $30/month10,000 monthly sends
Email and SMSStarting from $45/monthStarting from 10,000 Emails/month

10. Moosend

best email marketing software

Moosend is a very user-friendly best email marketing software that can simplify the campaign creation with its intuitive editor.

It offers features like automation, segmentation, and personalization for targeted messaging. Robust analytics helps in tracking the performance of the campaign, while seamless integrations with ecommerce platforms enhance functionality.

Why choose Moosend?

  • You can turn your Visitors Into Paying Customers with the help of Beautiful Landing Pages which are built it in the platform.
  • You can also design Beautiful Email Signup Forms with ease.
  • No Coding required.
  • It also comes with a free 30 days trial.
  • It is a great choice, if you are under a budget.


Free PlanFor up to 1000 SubscribersUnlimited Emails
Pro Plan From $9/monthUnlimited Emails
Enterprise PlanGet QuoteUnlimited Emails